Advancements in Balloon Dipping Technology

Advancements include two Coagulant tanks, extensions to plant to produce more oven cure time, and leach time, improved PLC programs for faster tank operation (easily programmable profile dipping) which can also vary the thickness along the balloon, independent carriage recognition giving every carriage its own program profile if required…. along with the usual improvement’s and upgrades to Stainless steel inner frames, moving track and other components around Strip and Citric Acid area, Ultrasonic cleaning option, separated air valve containment cabinets, and the biggest jumps being the ‘chain drive electric pull-out’ (for the side machine bar pull-out) using motor gearbox having configurable pull-out speeds using the inverter.


Offline slurry system is now being employed so higher force ‘Multi Stage pumps’ can be applied to Water strip, just using only plain water with no powder included and adding this automatically at exit with slurry recirculation.


Water Power

The water power method has been around for several years now, with all customers in Spain, Malaysia, Thailand, Poland employing this method, for example: Peru converted the whole Six plants in 8 months from Pad to Water Power due to the potential 30% increase in production. The method employs a large 7kw slurry pump (with powder included) or multi stage pump (if offline de-tack is employed) this Water strip set up uses a completely different nozzle set up, and injection tank now under the entire strip machine, speeds increase from 18% to 30% depending on former type.

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